Configuration & Document Management

As an expert in Configuration & Document Management (CADM) systems Virtual Angle BV has developed a number of added value services to help our customer to become more efficient with the management, configuration and archiving of their documentation and data. Our service goes beyond the implementation of a software tool.

Document Management Services

We help our client to define and implement a document management strategy that helps not only to store and retrieve documents but also organise and streamline the overall information management.

We support our clients in the design of procedures and guidelines around document creation, document classification, version control, workflow, security/protection of the data, distribution and access. We work with the client to define the information architecture from the folder structure to the metadata definition.

Once the documentation plan is defined our consultant will implement the agreed structures, metadata and workflow.

Configuration Management Services

To achieve effective control over the design and build status of all contractual deliverables from the initial definition throughout entire life cycle of their project our clients need to establish adequate configuration management processes and systems.

Whilst the Virtual Office suite is as addressing the requirements of a Configuration Management system Virtual Angle BV has developed a number of added-value services that will assist its clients in the configuration management planning and controlling. We will work closely with our customers to:

  • Develop configuration management plans and strategies
  • Develop and deploy configuration management procedures
  • Develop configuration management support tools
  • Conduct configuration audits (of a project’s work products)
  • Conduct configuration management process audits.